The ID.3 is delivered with a net carbon neutral balance

With fast charging and long ranges of up to 540 KM with the ID.3 or up to 500 KM with the ID.4, you can take a first step towards electric acceleration. Bringing us all closer to a brighter, sustainable future. 

Both the ID.3 and the all-new ID.4 are not just produced with a net carbon-neutral balance but are also delivered to you with a net carbon-neutral balance.

Manufacture and delivery of the ID.3 and ID.4 to the retailer are independently certified as net carbon-neutral by TUV Nord.  Net carbon-neutrality is achieved through a combination of both emission reduction and off-setting unavoidable emissions.  You can download the TUV Nord certificate for ID.3 here  and you can download the TUV Nord certificate for ID.4 here . This independent certification is audited and reconciled quarterly.  It excludes use and life-cycle post-handover at the retailer.

For production, we rely on energy efficiency and the use of green electricity to avoid emissions wherever possible. In the meantime, the share of emissions during the manufacturing phase that are unavoidable in the short term will be successively reduced and offset through certified climate projects.

As the first climate protection project, we are supporting our partner Permian Global in the Kantigan Mentaya Project in protecting 149,800 hectares of Indonesian rain forest, which absorbs large quantities of CO2.

And after delivery? We help you to drive your ID.3 with low carbon emissions over the long term. 

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